Riedthofstrasse 172–184, Regensdorf

Iseli Site

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien has acquired the Iseli site in Regensdorf with effect from 1 January 2018. This industrial plot has a total area of some 25 000 m², of which approximately 17 000 m² represent existing facilities. At present, these comprise eight multi-purpose industrial buildings let to specialised trade and service tenants operating in the construction and mechanical engineering industries. Over the next few years, the forthcoming completion of the area Regensdorf Bahnhof Nord and the expansion of the Gubrist motorway tunnel will make Regensdorf an increasingly attractive location. Based on its current rapid rates of growth, the Regensdorf municipality expects to attract a further 8 000 inhabitants by 2040. With its own dedicated railway access and the industrial designation it has already been granted, the Iseli site offers significant potential for further densification.


Construction date

25 003

Land area

11 404

Utilised floor space

ZurichInvestment propertiessole ownershipBusiness property
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