Hochbergerstrasse 60, Basel

Stücki Park


In the north of Basel city, a new centre will be developed by 2023 for innovation, leisure, health, gastronomy and shopping: a holistic concept to meet the needs of over 4 000 people who will be working at the site, living in the neighbourhood, or simply visiting during their leisure time. The current «business park» is being extended laterally with four new buildings. With 27 000 square metres of new space, there will be over 60 000 square metres of office and laboratory areas. In the building complex on Hochbergerstrasse 70, where the mall currently stands, the retail space is being reduced and added value provided in the form of attractive service and leisure options, such as a multiplex cinema. With the completion of the first construction phase in autumn 2018 the «Village in Stücki Park» – a meeting zone with an enticing variety of services, offices and practices – was opened. A pedestrian bridge over the Badenstrasse is being constructed in order to connect the business zone with the services, shops and entertainment zone. The «Stücki Park» will represent a future-oriented attraction with radiance for the entire Basel region.


approx. m CHF

Investment volume


New construction

5 440

Land area

30 600

Utilised floor space

Northwestern SwitzerlandProperties under construction and development sitessole ownershipServices, office, laboratory
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