Esplanade de Pont-Rouge 5, 7, 9, Lancy

Alto Pont-Rouge

On the Esplanade 4 plot in Geneva's Esplanade de Pont-Rouge urban development area, situated next to Lancy-Pont-Rouge station in Geneva, a modern 15-storey service property with innovative and flexible areas of approx. 28 000 square metres is being built. Pont-Rouge is the first major construction stage in Geneva's significant development project Praille-Acacias-Vernets (PAV), where a new district is emerging across an area of 230 hectares. In 20 years' time, around 50 000 people will be living and working here. The new Lancy-Pont-Rouge railway station was inaugurated in December 2017, laying the foundation for the regeneration of this area. The Léman Express will add the station as a calling point in 2019, offering a direct train service five times per hour – to Geneva central station in one direction, and France in the other. It takes just six minutes to reach the centre of Geneva. The Esplanade de Pont-Rouge project is transforming the former industrial area into a mixed-use urban centre.


approx. m CHF

Investment volume


New construction

5 170

Land area

31 537

Utilised floor space

GenevaProperties under construction and development sitessole ownership with 14/100 co-ownershipOffice property and retail
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