Real estate on the move

Convenience. E-commerce. Logistics. Real estate. Words that at first glance bear little relation to each other. Mention this to Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, and he starts to discuss it with great enthusiasm. It’s all about consumer habits, customer expectations, economic growth, traffic volumes and big potential for his employer.

18 October 2018

Life and Science in Olten

The Usego building in Olten has already seen a broad spectrum of occupants: a logistics centre, retailers, a coffee roaster. For the residents of Olten, it is very much a part of local history. For Edna Slegers, who works in Development at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, it is the home of a new neighbourhood and thus a piece of the future. We met Ms Slegers and Asset Manager Reto Felder in the office of Rolf Schmid, whose association, swissbiolabs, hopes to attract life sciences startups to the region.

12 August 2018

A village for the Stücki Park

Giant leaps are being made towards the future in Basel's Stücki Park. Opening of the new «Village in Stücki Park» is planned for the end of October. The Village will form a place for people to meet. We met the management and project directors and were given a guided tour of the unique construction site. What will the village look like? Are there tenants already? And what are the biggest challenges?

04 July 2018

Flair and flavour: a cappuccino at Rivington & Sons

Attention to detail — at Rivington & Sons, you can see it and taste it. Over a perfect cappuccino served by the barista and company manager Dario Tozzi, we soak up the atmosphere of 1920s and 30s New York.

14 June 2018

Well done: Customer loyalty at the Jelmoli Market Grill

The name of Jelmoli stands for the famous premium department store at Zurich’s best address, and thus for a unique shopping experience. Not (yet) so well known: One can also enjoy unusually good food here. CEO Franco Savastano and Grill chef Daniel Stefanak talk about customers, relationships, and the one true way of seasoning.

22 May 2018

Heiss Street Food is hot

Swiss Prime Site has opened the door to culinary diversity in front of Maag-Halle directly behind Zurich’s Prime Tower. In fact, a different food trailer is on site every weekday between Monday and Friday. Martin *Heiss, with his fresh chicken pitas, has become a real crowd pleaser here in just a short time. The University of St. Gallen graduate from Bavaria is systematically pursuing his vision.

07 May 2018

Think tank with rail link

Where the massive printing presses of Switzerland’s illustrious NZZ newspaper used to turn, space is currently being created for 2 000 workplaces in the engineering, technology and Industry 4.0 sectors. A stroll through these halls with their glorious history and fantastic future.

01 May 2018

Opening of the Riantbosson Centre in Meyrin

Following a 20 months construction period, the Riantbosson Centre in Meyrin opened its doors on 26th April 2018. The building, which has impressive contemporary architecture, combines office space and retail areas. Visitors to the Riantbosson Centre can find plenty of well-known brands there: ALDI SUISSE, Maxi Bazar – not to mention Switzerland's largest McDonald's, complete with McDrive.

25 April 2018

Replacing windows at high altitude

Prime Tower stands 126 metres and 36 storeys tall in total. Ironically, a broken window had to be replaced on the 34th floor – that’s nearly at the spire. Fear of heights has no place here.

23 April 2018

We create locations!

Peter Lehmann, CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, aims to realise projects with a volume of CHF 2.1 billion in the coming years. An interview about customer and market orientation, innovative strength, consolidation potential, organic growth and his greatest asset: the know-how of employees.

28 February 2018

Schönburg gives Bern Breitenrain a new lease of life

In a prime location in Bern's Breitenrain quarter, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is transforming the former postal headquarters into a new centre that will improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

17 December 2017

Lidl is big in Fraumünster, Zurich

The former Fraumünster post office in Zurich is now home to Lidl's new flagship store. The location, walking distance from the Paradeplatz, is fantastic. Nadia von Veltheim at Lidl Switerland is clear: this was a smart decision and represented a logical continuation of the existing strategy.

11 December 2017

Assisted living moves centre stage

It was not all that long ago that care homes used to be somewhat soulless places, which local municipalities tended to build in more remote locations, often at the edge of a forest. While their elderly residents were well cared for medically speaking, they generally found themselves living somewhat outside their village or town.

05 December 2017

Seeing the future while still in the present

«X-Wing» and «Millennium Falcon» instead of «Amsterdam» or «Nice». When meeting rooms are named after spaceships rather than cities and the corners of each office are adorned with huge Lego models from the Star Wars universe, these are clear indications that one is visiting the Zurich head office of Raumgleiter.

28 November 2017

From telegraph office to designer hotel

Thanks to its warm lighting, the interior of the hotel looks even more stylish. Outside, Zurich’s central business district is as purposeful as ever on this grey November day.

19 November 2017

Swiss Prime Site’s «Stücki Park» development is shaping Basel’s future

With its Stücki site, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is playing a key role in the development of the northern part of the City of Basel. Under the Stücki Park brand, massive investments are being made in a new centre for work, leisure, wellness, health, gastronomy and shopping.

14 November 2017

Land-use planning and the housing market of the future: Less regulations and particularly better

«Switzerland needs a land-use planning that focuses more on tomorrow rather than today», thinks Patrik Schellenbauer, Chief Economist of the think tank Avenir Suisse.

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