Investment Criteria

Swiss Prime Site takes diverse criteria into account when investing in properties. It's not just a case of finding a great architectural concept: we also consider a high standard of construction and possibilities for flexible use to be key factors. Swiss Prime Site invests predominantly in commercial buildings and mixed-use properties. The following criteria are also taken into consideration:
  • Projects with upward potential in terms of yield, value and earning
  • Building land in building zones as defined by the Swiss Federal Law of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Building rights and co-ownership shares in plots

Location and position
We focus on larger business sites with development potential. But it's not just the site itself that is important: the location plays a significant role in the investment criteria. We take a particular interest in central locations with good access to transport routes or public transport. It is also important that the property is ideally suited to the specific intended use.

Target sizes and structure
The minimum investment size is on the scale of CHF 10 million. Considerable importance is attached to modern, contemporary structures.

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien also has clear goals for rental and implements them accordingly:
  • Properties to be rented out in full as far as possible
  • Solvent tenants
  • Level of rental income secured over long term

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