CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Peter Lehmann

«We do not buy locations. We create them.»

Peter Lehmann is CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG and a member of Swiss Prime Site's Group Executive Board. While generating added value at existing premium sites is a priority for him, one of his most important objectives is to create new locations.

Few people have as profound a knowledge of the Swiss real estate market as Peter Lehmann. After completing his training as a building designer, he worked on the construction-related aspects of property matters in the mutual funds division of a major bank, where he was also responsible for managing architectural projects. It was thanks to these assignments that Lehmann, an enthusiastic amateur pilot, reached the initial flight attitude of his career. As a managing director, between 1991 and late 2012, Peter Lehmann was in charge of Construction, Acquisition & Sales Switzerland and Real Estate Development in the Real Estate Asset Management division of Credit Suisse AG in Zurich. In 2002, he was nominated Chief Investment Officer of Swiss Prime Site AG. He assumed his current role in command of the flight deck of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG in March 2017.

Flying has taught him the importance of always maintaining a clear view of the overall picture and avoiding getting bogged down in excessive detail. While he regularly takes to the skies, he nevertheless keeps both feet on the ground. Developing innovative ideas is a key aspect of his work. More often than not, he finds his inspiration for these in the Mediterranean atmosphere of Mallorca, his favourite island.

Peter Lehmann has worked for Swiss Prime Site AG since 1999. In addition to his seat on the Board of Directors of Swiss Prime Site Finance AG, he is a member of the Investment Committees of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG and the SPS/Jelmoli pension fund. He is also a member of the Management Committee of the Swiss Real Estate Association VIS and Chairman of the Board of Directors of DUK AG, Freienbach.

Executive Board

Markus Meier

CFO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Marcel Schaad

Head Acquisitions & Sales

Karin Voigt

Head Portfolio Management

Urs Baumann

Head Development

Gianfranco Basso

Head Construction

Jean Megow

Head Region West

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