Head Acquisitions & Sales

Marcel Schaad

«We don't just buy real estate. We invest in space for the unique.»

Marcel Schaad is Head of Acquisitions & Sales and a Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. For him, uniqueness is key. Every property tells its own story.

Marcel Schaad began his career with a law degree, followed by a Master's degree at Chicago, USA. Having successfully passed the bar exam in 2006, he found his way into the real estate sector in 2011, via a Master's in Real Estate from Zurich/CUREM. Between 2006 and 2013, his focus as a lawyer was on real estate transactions; in 2013 he assumed the role of Head of Acquisitions & Sales at Swiss Prime Site. He was also involved in initiating and implementing the SPS Academy Days. In addition, he carries out various teaching activities relating to real estate purchase and management, and has authored several articles about the real estate sector. Marcel Schaad has high standards for properties: he attaches great importance to giving every property a new and innovative face – every one must have an exceptional setting or structure if it is to win over its users.

Marcel isn't just passionate about property, though – he also loves salsa dancing: movement, music and balance provide equilibrium for his working day. He also enjoys the quieter hobby of chess, which requires such different skills: strategy, thought, calm. All in all, this is a perfect mixture: emotions, creativity, structured thinking and the eyes open for the next steps. Marcel Schaad feeds this combination of skills from his two hobbies into his professional tasks, giving his projects movement and life.

Marcel Schaad has been working for Swiss Prime Site AG since 2013.

Executive Board

Peter Lehmann

CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Markus Meier

CFO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Karin Voigt

Head Portfolio Management

Urs Baumann

Head Development

Gianfranco Basso

Head Construction

Jean Megow

Head Region West

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