Head Region West

Jean Megow

«The only constant is change.»

Jean Megow is Project Manager for Development and Construction at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. To him, change is a necessity. It doesn't just present challenges – it also opens up new possibilities and opportunities.

In 2002, after completing his studies in Construction Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Jean Megow began his career as a building construction manager in a German construction company. In 2005, his path brought him to Switzerland, where he accumulated valuable experiences in the real estate sector: first as a project manager for a general contractor and then in project development. He neatly rounded off these skills with a Master's in Real Estate at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in 2012. Thanks to a bilingual background (German and French), he was frequently given responsibility for international projects. It was this ideal package of skills that he brought with him to Swiss Prime Site in Geneva in 2016. Jean Megow delights in working intensively amidst the constant change in the real estate sector; he believes implicitly that anyone who doesn't try to anticipate change and adapt to it misses out on vital opportunities. He views every innovation as an opportunity, to be exploited.

Away from the working day, in his free time he likes to let life find its own pace. Walking in nature, sport, music and family time rejuvenate him and refresh him for new challenges. After all, only those who confront changes and their tasks can help to shape the future.

Jean Megow has been working for Swiss Prime Site AG since 2016.

Executive Board

Peter Lehmann

CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Markus Meier

CFO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Marcel Schaad

Head Acquisitions & Sales

Karin Voigt

Head Portfolio Management

Urs Baumann

Head Development

Gianfranco Basso

Head Construction

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