Head Construction

Gianfranco Basso

«Develop with passion. Inspire enthusiasm by communicating openly.»

Gianfranco Basso is Head of Construction and a Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. Gianfranco Basso takes a very hands-on approach to his work. He makes things happen.

By following his Architecture studies with a post-graduate qualification in Business Administration, Gianfranco Basso set the course of his future career at a comparatively early age. His 15 years of project management experience in the construction industry, where he held a number of executive management positions, provided him with a thorough insight into all aspects of real estate development. In 2016, he joined Swiss Prime Site AG. Gianfranco Basso enjoys working at full tilt. When he takes on a task, he does so with fervour and passion. It is important for him to identify fully with the projects on which he is working. That enables him to inspire enthusiasm among those around him. For a project to succeed, it must generate genuine excitement. It is also essential that all project team members communicate openly and authentically with each other. Gianfranco Bassi takes full responsibility for his actions. His word is his bond. When the going gets tough, that commitment is essential to enable people to pull together.

His approach to his leisure time is similarly energetic. When he feels the need to break free from the globally digitalised and virtual world in which he works, he finds true liberation riding his Harley Davidson or at the wheel of his sports car or his VW beetle. Paradoxically, despite hitting some impressive speeds, he manages to make the time he spends on his rides and drives pass slowly, so that he can savour every second. As a devoted family man, he also relishes the time he spends with his wife and children. The future will be shaped by our offspring. Gianfranco is aware that this places a great responsibility on his shoulders. With his hands-on approach to life, that is a responsibility he is more than ready to bear. For his children, for the future and for his projects at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG.

Gianfranco Basso has been working at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG since 2016.

Executive Board

Peter Lehmann

CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Markus Meier

CFO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Marcel Schaad

Head Acquisitions & Sales

Karin Voigt

Head Portfolio Management

Urs Baumann

Head Development

Jean Megow

Head Region West

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